Amanda Boxtel

Turning no into YES one step at a time.

Some frequently asked questions Amanda receives:

Do you travel and speak with your bionic exoskeleton?

Yes, however traveling with a bionic exoskeleton suit takes some logistical coordination. If I speak using my exoskeleton, I will need to be accompanied by a physical therapist, who can assist me with the device for safety. The PT will need to be reimbursed for his/her travel expenses. I will also need to allow sufficient time to ship the bionic exoskeleton to your meeting venue if I cannot check it as a medical mobility device on the airplane with me.

How can you customize your presentation to our company’s mission?

Great speakers should be versatile enough to adapt their message to any context. I have become skilled at tailoring my presentation to match a corporation’s mission. Booking well in advance is helpful so I can maximize my time to research your company and it’s overall mission/vision. I can even provide you tools on how to meet your vision. If time permits, it’s extremely helpful if we can connect on the telephone, or meet in person to discuss the key messages you would like me to convey. I’ll fly in one or two days early to schedule this critical time so I can communicate the best and most effective presentation I can to your audience.

Do you travel to other countries to speak?

Yes, I have spoken internationally in Chile, Argentina, Europe, the UK, Australia, Iceland and Sweden. Contact me and let’s see if we can fit your company into my schedule.

What makes your presentation unique?

I speak standing tall from a bionic exoskeleton suit – probably one of the most unique speakers you’ll have. My life lessons have been learned through experience. These life lessons haven’t come easily—some through circumstances beyond my control, through conscious mistakes, and unfortunate unconscious miscalculations. I am skilled at weaving personal stories into my presentation to maximize the impact of the message I want to impart. A powerful and brief film along with inspirational slides from my personal life drives the message home, all of which personalize on a level the audience is able to relate.

How will I use what I heard in your presentation to increase my productivity?

Many clients have provided testimonials stating that my presentation will help them equally in their personal lives as their professional work environment.

Some comments include:

  • “I need to neutralize my feelings. I won’t allow my personal feelings to interfere with work.”
  • “Great teamwork is initiated by reformed attitudes. I’m going to work on changing my attitude.”
  • “Look for the passion! If you find something your passionate about, your work will become more meaningful and purposeful.”
  • “I will try to change my behavior and situations of conflict by changing negative thinking and re-evaluating my goals and purpose.”
  • “Motivate my personal life to overcome depression.”
  • “Letting go and accepting differences gives you freedom to accomplish great things as a team. I want to be comfortable with myself and give my best at work, trust that others will do the same and watch the team excel."
  • “Not allow obstacles to breed failure.”
  • “Let go of issues holding me back. Reclaim my life.”

What do you do that is most impactful to your audiences?

  • Walk in a bionic exoskeleton to emphasize the power of technology to enhance mobility.
  • Multimedia presentation with a film and PowerPoint slideshow.
  • Visualization exercise of what it’s like to be paralyzed.
  • Tell my personal story of turning tragedy into triumph.
  • Audience participation role-playing exercise.

What makes you different from other industry or motivational speakers?

I have the adversity advantage. I live my talk, walking and rolling from a complete place of authenticity. I am able to motivate and inspire, touch hearts and encourage people to reclaim their lives by owning their power and ability to manifest what they want.

I draw not only from my life experiences, but also as a successful entrepreneur and co-founder of two non-profit organizations.

Can my company (or me personally) schedule some time to ski with you?

YES! No worries. Skiing is one of the most transformation activities anyone can do. Let’s go skiing! Contact me via email, at my office or on my mobile telephone. If your conference is in Aspen I will be delighted to be your personal tour guide to any of the four ski areas in and around Aspen.