Amanda Boxtel

Turning no into YES one step at a time.

Meeting Planner's Information

Presentation Requirements

Audiovisual Set-Up

Amanda requires the following audiovisual setup for her presentation:

  • One wireless lavaliere microphone system. This allows Amanda freedom of movement on the platform or stage.
  • No podium please (it gets in the way!).
  • Slide screen appropriate for the size of the room.
  • PowerPoint Presentation Remote Control.
  • PowerPoint Slide Projector and DVD Player with appropriate lens for the size of the room.

When Amanda is demonstrating walking in her bionic exoskeleton, please provide a standard conference chair that is padded with a straight back and no armrests.

Room Set-Up

As Amanda is in a wheelchair, it is optimal to have a small stage to elevate her so that her audience can see her clearly.

Amanda requires a ramp for the stage that is no less than 36” in width.


With the exception of still photography, any other forms of electronic recording (audio and/or videotaping) of any portion of her presentation is prohibited without prior written permission from Amanda.


Coach airfare for national engagements within the contiguous United States and Canada; business class airfare for Hawaii and international engagements. While we recognize the need to minimize event costs, we assure you that this is a necessary role to maximize Amanda’s ability to deliver her exceptional programs, especially when she is required to travel long distances.

When arranging ground transportation, Amanda prefers to have a driver traveling in a regular vehicle. Amanda can transfer into a seat and her lightweight wheelchair can be broken down with ease.

For events near her home, Amanda will drive her own vehicle and bill a standard gas mileage reimbursement.


One wheelchair accessible, non-smoking room with a king or queen size bed. It is not essential that Amanda has a roll-in shower – in fact, she prefers a bathtub. Amanda’s wheelchair is 22 inches wide and can fit through most doorways. Room should be guaranteed for late arrival, preferably in the meeting hotel or resort.